Great job tonight! I'm so thankful that you are doing the program at the library. I feel inspired after talking to you and seeing the way you engage the imagination of the children (and moms too)--it's magical! Although I'm taking a class on storytelling, watching you tell stories enriches my experience as a student. I think that telling stories to children as you do is so important because it opens their minds to so much possibility and it allows for more freedom than a strict re-telling of a book would. It truly sends the message to children that their thoughts and ideas mean something. I'll be keeping those ideas in mind when I become a children's librarian. - Kristine

 Story Programs

 When the children hear that Miss Mij is coming , they cheer!  Miss Mij has a unique and entertaining way of telling stories that make the listener feel that they are a part of the story; that they ARE the character(s) she is telling about!

 Marilyn Brooks, Language Arts Teacher



Miss Mij engages her audience in an interactive and entertaining storytelling journey that helps the children understand complex concepts and expands cultural boundaries. Miss Mij’s storytelling is a delightfully fun way to learn.


Testimonial for Miss Mij and Explore-A-Story

Written by Miss Emma Goltz


Workshop feedback-

Not Just educational but was most entertaining. . .
Totally inspired. . .
Wonderful workshop! Mij was an expert storyteller and relayed a wealth of information with enthusiasm and wit. . .
Loved getting new tips...just when you think you've seen it all!
Of all the workshops I've ever attended, this was the best!


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