Mij presenting a workshop to other storytellers at Northlands Storytelling Confrence Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 


Telling Little Ones- and I don't mean lies!
Storytelling With Young Children

Learn through lively lecture, discussion and activities the why and how to tell stories to the toughest audience, ages 2-8.


• How to build character and promote literacy through story
• How to create energy and excitement while retaining control
• How to get and hold attention without magic, mayhem or a million props
• Where to find and How to use stories that teach, motivate and entertain

Topics Covered
• Story selection and character development
• Wigglers and focus activities
• Props and Participation
• Voice and Vocabulary
• Transitions and more

Suited to fit your time and priorities
2 hours to full day - Starting at $250

Workshop Evaluations,  Click on the images to make them larger




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