Story Programs                                  

  Stories for adult, children and families

Themes include but are not limited to;

Tea Time,

A bit of history and tradition along with chosen folk tales from Northern Europe and East Asia will delight while you sip

Personal Stories,

Stories for all ages about the challenges and victories of growing up and growing old

Seasonal and Holiday Programs,

Valentine, St. Patrick’s, Earth Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more

Just for 2’s

A special age, a special set of stories, games, finger plays, puppets and songs 30 minutes of fun just for the very young

Characters that Build Character

There is no better way to teach honesty, responsibility and empathy than through story.

Get right to the heart and feelings of what is means to do “the right thing.”

The Classic Folk,  

This flannel board trilogy of three bears, pigs and goats goes from traditional to something brand new. It is a favorite.

Fantasy Fairytales,

Who doesn’t love a story of clever queens and greedy kings, brave princesses, and princely adventures? Add fairies and trolls, ogres and magical enchantment and we will spin the hours away.

Too Much-Too Many,

A collection of folktales that teach “Less Can Be Better Than More” 

Animal Antics,

Folk and original stories about animals from the jungle, forest or farm

Multicultural Folk

Discover our similarities and differences through stories.


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